Santa Clause is Real


Despite the sparkly lights and extravagant decorations, the holiday season was not Kibum’s favorite time of year.



“Death is so theatrical.”
“You think so?”
“Of course. I would already be gone if it wasn’t.”

Kim Gwiboon, Out of Order, Put in Place

Onkey (Gwisook)

Minho smiles and kisses her forehead, and suddenly things are perfect. Jonghyun seems to think so, considering the way he nudges Gwiboon as he walks past.
And yet so very, very wrong.

Shining Like a Million Suns


“I’m an idiot,” Jinki groaned to himself, falling backwards on the bed and causing his suitcase and bag to tumble into a messy pile on the floor. The suitcase’s latch came unhooked and his clothes spilled onto the floor, but Jinki was too busy bemoaning his idiocy to care much. “A big, giant, stupid jerk of an idiot.”

“I agree, now get the hell off my bed.”



“You know. The thing. With the crate? Why does he have a crate?” Jinki pauses and tilts his head to the side. “Also, what’s in it?”

“How on earth should I know?” Jonghyun asks mildly, running careful fingers through his hair, “Go ask him yourself.”

Upside Down


Jinki breathes his last before inserting the key on the door lock, entering his new home. At least, if you can call it home.

Pleasant, really.

Only if there weren’t magazine splattered across the floor.

And there weren’t boys, hanging upside down on the balcony railings, trying to end lives.

A Ride to Love


The bus ride from Jinki’s home to school takes almost forty minutes. School starts at 8 a.m, and Jinki always leaves his house at seven, to take the bus that arrives eight minutes later, at 7:08 a.m. 

Mazed and Confused


Taemin stares at the compass in his hand, watching the needle swing wildly between each direction before settling on north, directly in front of him. It is aimed almost exactly halfway inbetween Jonghyun and Jinki, which is not quite the illuminating answer Taemin had been hoping for.

Call Me Oppa


its chaptered

but I stayed up for a really long time reading it and it’s good ok

Birthday Shots


I swear I’m not a creep. 

I swear I’m not goggling at the way those hips sway with every move he makes.

Three By Five


Barefoot and dressed in only fleece pyjama pants and his ratty old grey sweater, Jinki leapt the three steps off his porch without hesitation and hurdled down the icy driveway, throwing himself at the lapels of Kibum’s coat. Cold hands tugged him even closer, slipping around his shoulders as a cold nose and warm lips settled beside his neck, inhaling deeply as they both fight a pointless battle against the tears in their eyes.

I missed you.

Maybe a Bit of Magic


Sometimes, it was easy to forget that dealing with Onew was very different from dealing with normal humans.

Across the Water


“Hi,” Minho says, gruff and not just a little awkward. “Uh, I’m Minho. Choi Minho—”

“The postbac,” Kibum finishes for him, turning to level him with a speculative stare. 

Minho feels a stab of self-righteous annoyance. “Right, that. Sorry for coming in late today.”

Kibum doesn’t coddle him with any “that’s okay”s or “I understand”s. He simply says, “Don’t let it happen again,” before gathering his things and exiting the room, leaving Minho alone under bright fluorescent lights.

Being Facebook Friends Doesn’t Mean We’re in a Relationship


And so for the next few days Jinki found himself “observing” Kibum and his Facebook page. He definitely wasn’t stalking though, because stalking meant staying up until midnight with the computer screen blaring against his face as he obsessively read every status and liked almost every photo.

The Almighty Key is Born


Jinki is tired of being an idol.

Its All for the Best

Everything looks different from the outside. Jinki knows this, and as a journalist, he also knows how important it is to see things from all possible angles. Usually, it’s best to see things from the inside.

9th of December


“Minho—“ Jinki worries his bottom lip, “let’s break up.”

The Name I Loved


For their ten year anniversary, SHINee releases an album of their greatest hits.

Christmas: A Step-by-Step Manual on how to Believe


Did you know there’s a special ingredient that makes Christmas magical, wonderful and fun…

Minho can almost feel the cavities form as he reads, but he opens the card nonetheless.


I Tira Miss You


The kitchen door bursts open once again, announcing Jinki’s and Jonghyun’s entrance, where the latter bursts out in loud guffaws, clutching at his sides.

“Jinki! What happened out there?” Kibum asks. Jinki looks past Kibum, silent.

Jonghyun is wheezing as he tries to catch his breath in an attempt to answer in his place. “He– he said Jinki has godly hands! And that a miracle was bestowed upon him the moment he took a bite of the tiramisu! How he was sent to heaven after that! And– and he also asked him out!”

Double the Trouble but Twice as Nice


"Kibum…?" The girl on Jonghyun’s bed asks, staring intently at the girl on Key’s bed.

Jjong?” The girl on Key’s bed asks, pulling her hand away from her face.

It clicks in Onew’s head, though as soon as it does, he really, really wishes it hadn’t.

"Uh-oh," Minho says. Taemin’s eyes go wider than saucers.

"Oh my God,” Onew says.

Welcome to Bermuda



Everything feels less off-balance, like having a museum full of crooked paintings suddenly hanging ruler straight again, and Jinki grins and laughs along with Kibum. He takes this return to normalcy like the proof that it is: Jinki has done the right thing.

The Egg



Jinki nods, pulling at a handful of grass and holding it up, showering it down against his face, “You think we’re freaks.”

Kibum laughs, “Nah. You guys crack me up.”

“Now you’ve got it!”



The church was calm, cool and silent as it always was, the air still and almost stale, yet sweet with incense and cedar. Candle smoke mixed with the smell of wood and dust berated the senses and Kibum sighed as he breathed in and out, slow and deep, enjoying the comforting scents. He always enjoyed it, for when he breathed it in he knew he was close to God, regardless of if he felt God’s presence or not.

We Need a Replay


Jonghyun only realizes during the fourth year after their debut, even though he expects it had started before that already. They’ve all gotten too tired and exhausted – both physically and mentally –, and they are starting to forget the reasons why they worked so hard to make it this far.

The Boy With the Broken Halo


It only takes two seconds for Kibum to glance away and find the guy about six seats on his right side is clutching at his chest. Kibum frownsheart attack?

Colorful Luchbox


"I want to be a member," Jinki said, frowning with determination at the man standing coolly behind the front desk. 

"Didn’t you quit yesterday?" The same man as the day before questioned amusedly.

Complete Strangers


He leans in a little closer. Just a little more and he’s finally brushing his lips against Kibum’s—

"I don’t kiss complete strangers." Kibum whispers, and Jinki feels his entire body deflate. He isn’t really sure who pulls away first, but all he knows is that he’s fucked it all up again, big time.

Shutting his eyes, Jinki waits for the resounding thud of the passenger door, but it doesn’t come. Instead, he feels Kibum’s lips softly brushing against his cheek.

"But for you, I made an exception."

Galileo Had it Backwards


It’s three o’clock on a warm September afternoon when Kibum broaches the subject.

"So," he says, "I think it’s about time you introduced me to this Jinki guy."

The Clock Struck Twelve and the Sparkles Expired


When Taemin comes home, he is greeted by the sight of what appears to be two weeks’ worth of laundry strewn all over the living room—soiled sweaters and hoodies spilling over the coffee table, several pairs of jeans draped over the back of the couch, rumpled shirts lying in haphazard heaps on the floor, and were those his Pikachu-printed boxers hanging off the candelabra? He hurriedly strides across the room and snatches up the undergarment, mortified.

OMEGA 3 (How to Court a Guy, by Lee Jinki)


Kibum and Jinki came back then with their orders. Taemin looked, perplexed, at the ice cream cone that was thrust in his hands.

Just that. An ice cream cone without the ice cream. 

"It melted when it saw you," Jinki explained. 

Taemin blinked. Kibum made a keening sound. 

Minho stood up gracefully and headed for the door. 

"You know, like my insides." Jinki said. 

Once Upon a Time


Wow I almost cried tbh

Jinki wrenched his hands, eyes fixated on the floor. He lifted his head and smiled, biting back the tears and trying to be as convincing as he possibly could. “Yeah,” he said, voice barely above a whisper from the lump in his throat, “it kinda is.”

Tall Tale




“Tell me a bed-time story.”



As the leader, Jinki has learned to give up a lot of things.

Puppy Love


“Taemin, are you asking me if I want to take a piss on you?”



With time, Jinki grew bolder. In a moment of inebriation he and Taemin even recorded a Star Call and Jonghyun was horrified to find #ontokkiisreal trending on Twitter for the next three days.

Sweet Dreams


“Maybe it isn’t what’s in the mirror right now that frightens you, but what you will be seeing in the future.”

Golden Rules to Dating Kim Jonghyun


I love it, it plays out just like a real relationship, fights and everything.

It would be nice, of course, to find someone he’s ‘compatible on an emotionally and physically stimulating level,’ as he likes to say, but he’s not going to kill himself on his birthday either because another year has passed by and he’s still single. 

So no, relationships aren’t his thing and probably never will be. And he’s perfectly fine with that.

Of Love and Other Magic


In a magical kingdom far away, there lives a rather incompetent knight by the name of Lee Jinki, who lives in the king’s castle and keeps guard over (babysits, really) the king’s two sons. Jinki’s pretty good when it comes to housekeeping and other such motherly chores.

The Apples Don’t Belong in the Apple Juice


This is the moment, he thinks, you have to say something! And then his mind brainfarts and he blurts, “The apples don’t belong in the apple juice!”

Taemin raises an eyebrow, looking at him. “Did the hair dye reach your head? I can hear your brain cells disintegrating.”

Sparkly Rainbows and Magic


The title is silly but its great I swear lol.

The chances of graduating in a few months with his Musical Theory degree seem irrevocably slimmed in light of recent developments. That is, unless he can somehow take a mail-away study course from inside the loony bin, because that’s where Jonghyun is headed. It’s only a matter of time now.

Because today, Jonghyun is pretty sure that he snapped. Mentally.

Oak Tree


Early morning classes, who was the genius that thought up that little gem? Who on earth decided that it was entirely necessary to drag people out of their perfectly cozy dreams and force them to rush through their breakfast in order for them to learn? Who said the very first rays on sunshine baking the world were a sign of peak learning time?

The End of the World

OT5, slight Jongkey

"They’ll survive," Jonghyun reassures Kibum. After all, if he and Minho had managed to survive trekking through the snow for a week, wouldn’t Jinki and Taemin be able to back at home?

It’s only when everyone turns to stare at him that Jonghyun realizes he’d been speaking aloud. He coughs. “I didn’t meant it that way,” he says. “I mean, of course they’re going to be fine! Taemin’s a smart boy and Jinki-hyung, uh… He’ll be okay too.”

"What do you mean, a week?" Kibum wants to know.

Jonghyun blinks. “You mean you didn’t figure out?” He asks. After all that time and effort and pain they’d gone to rescue him, Kibum couldn’t even be bothered to keep track of the dates. Jeez. 

"A week?" Minho questions, sounding like he’s about to start laughing any moment. "Jonghyun-hyung, I think it’d been less than a day, actually."

White Wishes


Something murmured inside of him, not the swift whir of his fan, or the churn of his joints when they moved, but something different, something odd. He felt groggy, he felt…he felt.

He felt.

Breath caught in his throat, the sensation making him snap up in alarm. The room spun, and he had to raise a hand to catch it so he wouldn’t fall over. He dropped back down, heavy in Jonghyun’s lap. His human woke up with a start, and their eyes locked for a moment. 

OnKey Drabble—Red Star



He envisioned his parents, looking at both him and Kibum with something akin to disgust. He could see the insults and profanities thrown his way from the neighbors back at home as they talk about the failure son of the local pastor. He could see the disappointment lingering in his father’s eyes, the regretful stare as he wondered how Jinki ended up the way he did.

Natural Causes


When Taemin was born, the sun was blazing in the sky while it simultaneously rained for exactly nine hours, forty-one minutes and four seconds. It was Taemin’s grandmother who had told him this. She had been convinced that this occurrence held a mystical meaning of the utmost significance, and repeatedly tells Taemin during annual family reunions



Jonghyun likes to think that the books people read speak to some great insight about their personality. Not because this works for him (Rolling Stone and Nylon don’t quite cut it), but because Jonghyun works at a bookstore, and he’s secretly hoping that the little girl buying Harry Potter still believes in happy endings, and the college student handing him Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has a sense of humor.



Jonghyun nods. “I’ll see you around then?”

“Sure,” Jinki says, starting to push the cart again, then looks over his shoulder, smiling, “I’m always here.”

Three Seconds


this fic is so incredibly enjoyable to read. 


It’s like a bubble bursting, and suddenly they’re a feet apart. Jonghyun feels too weak to stop Jinki from bolting out the door.

He could still feel the word tingling on the corner of his lips.

Dreaming Aloud


This fic, I’m not going to lie. It’s so amazing but it makes me sad because it was written in 2009 and it still hasn’t been updated with the second part.

Double Life


Taemin knows perfectly well what a coma is. He’s seen them on television dramas and he’s heard about them on the news, but nothing prepares him for the sight of Lee Jinki lying in a hospital bed looking like a lifeless doll with tubes hooked up to his body.

Love Chemistry



That’s right, I, Kim Jonghyun, am so fucking screwed. Nothing else can save me now. And just because I can, I slumped on my roommate-slash-best friend’s bed and heaved a dramatic sigh for emphasis on how deep of a predicament I’m in

Don’t Lie


It had all begun in middle school, when Minho shot up like a bean sprout, leaving Jonghyun hoping and praying and wishing (and sucking down every last drop of milk in his house) to catch up. He never did hit his growth spurt.

The Ninth Station


Jonghyun wakes up and says he feels like throwing up.

The Feud


Its not a serious fic, its actually really dumb and I thought it was funny lol

Just North of Canis Minor



Jinki wakes up hurting all over. “Ow,” he tries to say, except it comes out more like a strangled groan. His mouth and throat feel completely parched, like he’s swallowed an entire barrel of salt in one sitting. He squints one eye open, just barely making out the blue sky and a blurry figure leaning over him before the sunlight becomes too painful and forces him to close it again.

Courtship, and How to Suck at it


"So I was thinking," Onew says in what he seems to think is a very nonchalant manner, "Since we’re the, you know, mom and dad of the group, maybe we should spend more time together." He leans oh-so-casually against the kitchen countertop and looks expectantly at Key.

Taemin looks up from his cereal and blinks. Minho sips his orange juice and turns a page in his book.

Jonghyun stares, because oh my God this cannot actually be happening.



The first time you meet him, he’s like sunshine, and you’re just not so sure that your facade can keep up with it - and you’re right. It can’t.

Onho oneshot/drabble/idek tbh ლ(ಥ__ಥლ)


“You knew it was going to happen, didn’t you? 


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